About Us

  1. Company Information

Company name is PT. Global Indees Abadi Sejahtera (PT. GIAS)

Company Logo as follows:

Office Address :  Skyview unit 918. Jalan Raya Leguti 3, Kel. Lengkong Gudang Timur, Kec. Serpong, Tangerang Selatan, Banten 15321

Office Phone Number is +62 82112431281

Email Address : gias.indees@gmail.com

Website: www.giasglobal.com

Board of Directors: Indrawati Sinaga is  a president director and RR. Ratyarih Adiwigati is a Director

WhatsApp Number +6285966456787.

  • Company Background

Before running PT. GIAS, Ms. Indrawati Sinaga has have running a small retail business with the name ‘de Colours’ which has running a clothing line business at BSD City  area, South Tangerang in 2012 as a family small business. In 2016 the Colours has registered formally as Perusahaan Dagang (P.D) perseorangan. The line of bussiness are growing to the foods sector, Fried chicken ‘Indees Ayam Geprek which has fast foods activities at a foods area in a Mall or in an Institution or an office of government, at office corner area,  and other festivals places together with small business communities. An other activities of company were Management Training and  Event Organizer. We used to have a bazar at the premium area like ICE BSD City, also sale it in an Apartment foodcourt area.

In October 2018, I decided to have more bigger and official Company with the name     PT. Global Indees Abadi Sejahtera or GIAS. The other activities of PT. GIAS are in Education and Training sector names  as a host of education Seminars, Training to teachers under cooperation with HR and Training Institution,  UMKM workshops, and Vocational School Competition like Business Plan Competition, and Kuliner Competition.

It has planning since last year that The Business  sectors of GIAS are being  as a Trader and  brokerage, retailer and wholesaler of goods.  Unfortunately, at the end of 2019, the business are slowing down and in March 2020 the pandemi of COVID-19 has made the business were all closed badly. Two Stores of clothing line at mall were closed. Other Business activities are stucked.

It has  planning very soon that GIAS will be as a trading company especially to export   Agricultural and Agribusiness  products like coffee bean and ground coffee, tea, palm sugar or Brown sugar, foods and beverages, furnitures and handicraft, Herbal or Jamu for good health products like Red Ginger Drink, Wedang Uwuh, Moringa Tea.

We do believe under a difficulthy condition of economic because of pandemi COVID-19 globally, we do still have opportunities. So we are at GIAS will keep the spirit high, do inovation, and always at the right ekosystem of businesses…